Archive - Dec 2004

December 19th

Eye-witness account of Glasgow Anti-War action

On the morning of the 19th of December, 6 activists from 'Glasgow anti-war action' blockaded Weir Pumps Ltd in Glasgow who have been profiting from the war in Iraq. The company who are a supplier to Halliburton are part of a new campaign of direct action with the aim of causing the company sufficient disruption and economic damage, that they stop supplying components to Halliburton.

Petition Calling For The Investigation Of Cyber Warfare By The Pentagon Against American Citizens and Political Organizations

The Pentagon is waging cyber warfare on dissent. Please take a moment to sign the petition requesting an investigation into this illegal practice.

December 17th

Torture begins at the Top: Rumsfeld Gave Torture 'Marching Orders' in Memo!

A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from Defense Secretary Rumsfeld himself.

Inuits sue US for human rights breach

Inuits in Canada are alleging that the US is responsible for the climate change that is threatening their right to life.


December 16th

Vanunu Wins Glasgow Uni Election - Now Bring Our Rector Home!

So the election is over, Vanunu won and is now Rector. The statement has been made, we can all congratulate ourselves on job well done, and take a rest, can't we? Think again. Vanunu is still confined to Israel. Lets get him out.

BAe Blockaded on Tuesday

Following the blockade of Weir in Glasgow on Monday, Glasgow Anti War Action struck again on Tuesday blockading three gates at BAe Systems in Edinburgh at the facility where components are produced for the cluster bombs.

December 13th


EU fails in democracy

Glasgow company blocked for profiteering from war

8am: Five activists are locked-on in front of the entrance to Weirs Pumps in Cathcart, Glasgow. More support welcome, Newlands Rd, next to Cathcart Station. Contact Joss 07815 004 578

December 12th

Self-righteous U.S. should look at its own election

Hypocrisy R US.......Moi?.......Who, me?