Archive - Dec 2004

December 11th

Glasgow Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Unfounded Assumptions, Elections and Propaganda

One facet of US corporate propaganda is the utilization of unfounded assumptions to justify wars or other projects of the rich and powerful. Also, elections can serve as a smokescreen for the corporate takeover and privatization of the economies of certain countries.

December 10th

Aberdeen activists protest outside Starbucks

Activists in Aberdeen picketed Starbucks on the Saturday 4th of December. Fresh and completely free fair trade coffee was distributed, outside the notorious corporate café near Marks & Spencer and Gap in the Aberdeen City Centre.

Two "Palestinian States" à la Sharon*

All the talk about "disengagement" has masked more than it has revealed. That becomes clear from emerging revelations on the implementation of Sharon's plan to establish two "closed areas": the Gaza Strip and the northern half of the West Bank, which will be cut off from each other, severed from Jerusalem and from the southern half of the West Bank.

December 9th

Decriminalize the Prostitutes, not Prostitution

In an unprecedented gesture, around thirty personalities known for their social and political commitment asks the government of Canada to reject the decriminalization of prostitution claimed by certain groups and to take immediate measures to to put an end to the harassing of prostitutes and to the sexual trafficking which is practised in Canada.

Glasgow Reshape - Anti G8 - meeting 13th Dec in MONO

Glasgow Reshape re-launch meeting - come along to get involved organising for the G8 coming to Scotland in July 2005

December 8th

God Save The Queen subject to complaint to Commission For Racial Equality

A Scot has reported a "blatantly racist incident" after hearing God Save the Queen on television.

December 7th


The OSCE meeting in Sofia is a stark reminder of where the Bulgarian oligarchy is taking the nation

Support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed!

We are asking you to send protest letters (or protest at Greek Embassies) to support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed again!

AntiMacDonalds Daze in Israel

A Short report - with pictures - of the annual, October 16th AntiMacDonalds Day in Israel.