Archive - Dec 2004

December 6th


Ya Basta! - a period of cultural action confronting the G8

December 5th

The Great Putin

Watchdog Reports Dangers Russian Children Are Facing

December 4th

Upcoming Anti War events

Contents: 1) Ongoing daily presense on Buchanan St 2) Vietnam anti-war film Monday evening 3) Labour Party picket, Tuesday, 4.30 4) Troops Out meeting, Wednesday, 7-9pm 5) Demonstration outside Scottish Parliament, 9th December 6) Anti war forum, Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th 7) Weekend of action - 18th & 19th 8) Justice for Gordon Gentle film premiere, 19th

Urgent appeal to defend the right to protest outside M&S in Manchester!

This afternoon the most serious attack on the democratic right to protest in Manchester occurred. At least nine protesters from Manchester Victory to the Intifada Group have been arrested under the Section 14 of the Public Order Act as the police attempt to crush the picket. We call upon everyone to call Manchester police to demand their immediate release. The number to call is 0161 872 5050. At this stage it is unclear to which police station our comrades have been moved to or the full extent of the charges or when they will be released.

Photos of US Navy Seals' Prisoner Torture

The U.S. military has launched a criminal investigation into photographs that appear to show Navy SEALs in Iraq sitting on hooded and handcuffed detainees, and photos of what appear to be bloodied prisoners, one with a gun to his head.

December 3rd

Chinese Consulate Vigil

Edinburgh University Tibet Society holds a 12 hour overnight vigil outside the Chinese Consulate

December 2nd

Appeal from Naomi Klein: Support the Zanon Workers in Argentina!

The Zanon ceramic tile factory, a democratic, worker-run factory in Patagonia, is facing a serious threat of eviction, and the workers have asked us to gather international support for their struggle. To sign the petition, please click here:

Do students in Edinburgh become more politicised?

Edinburgh University is having a referendum on affiliating to NUS, the National Union of Students. In the website the campaign for voting “yes� to join the NUS is presented, whilst on the opposition is mobilising. Currently the EUSA- the Edinburgh Union Student Association- is not affiliated to the NUS, though the two organisations were historically connected. It has not been a member since 1979, when students voted in a referendum to leave. A referendum in 1984 decided to maintain that position. Voting was also possible online under Neutral informative website:


Edinburgh event marks anniversary of world's worst chemical disaster.

Human Activity Implicated in 2003 Heat Wave

...what it says. More evidence / ammunition against fossil fuel ostriches. (Watch for the Shell adverts at the bottom of the page.)