Archive - Dec 2004

Torture charges filed against George W. Bush in Canadian Court

This is not satire.

Anti-War Forum

Strengthening networks of resistance to war: an anti-war forum, 11th & 12th December, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow - Two days of workshops and discussion aimed at strengthening networks of resistance to war

`Troops Out` picket of BBC, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. Monday 29 November.

Glasgow based `Troops Out` held a three-hour picket outside the offices of BBC Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. The BBC, cowed by the Hutton report, has represented the disaster of Fallujah as something that has just happened, rather than highlighting the war crimes that have taken place. The cutting off of electricity and water from a whole population is a collective punishment, which is a war crime under the Geneva Convention. The use of indiscriminate firepower as from AC130 gun ships and the dropping of 500kg bombs is excessive force, which is also a violation of the Geneva Convention. There is no sense of outrage in the reporting about the humanitarian disaster, which has taken place.