Archive - Sep 2007

September 30th

Two attempted immigration raids in Glasgow

Twice in one evening police and immigration officials attempt to raid a home in Glasgow.

Workers' Control site

Site to discuss all aspects of Workers' control in industry

Immigration Raid In Glasgow

Immigration officers attempt to raid a house in south Glasgow.

September 29th

Stand with the Burmese protesters

Dr John Reid becomes chairman of Celtic Football Club


Israeli boycott

Time to strike again

September 28th

Short film released to explain the concept of Freeconomy – Episode 1

Check out this really funny new short film about The Freeconomy Community, the new skill-sharing, free help website that has just been launched. It’s called the ‘Guide to Freeconomy – Episode 1’ and is essential viewing for all non-freeconomists. You can view it at . And remember, the yellow pages is just a load of old tosh!

Edinburgh Author releases Gluten Free Recipe Book

Frann Leach aims to satisfy demand for easy and tasty gluten-free recipes by releasing Gluten Free-Easy - Easy Recipes that are Gluten-free (not Taste-free) at

Pro-Burmese demo in Edinburgh

Pro-Burmese demo outside Chinese consulate

Stop The Demolitions

Save Our Old Town Camapign Update