Green Anarchy Gathering In Poland July This Summer

 Green Anarchy Gathering Rightly Lambasted As Totally Irrelevant In Todays Current Political, Social, Ecological Climate

 It was an informal affair with lots of time and space for people to unwind from their daily lives in the cities they mostly came from. There was no set timetable, people would hold workshop space when and

where they wanted. There was no compulsion to do anything except
support cooking and food gathering activities to support immediate needs. This was on an informal
voluntary basis. Early on we decided not to have a timetable and to
let things flow, as people began to become more relaxed and settle in
some seemed to regret this attitude a little as it meant there was a
feeling of lethargy or inaction at times. this may have been due to
the 'work ethic' drilled into us all from a young age. I personally
was happy just to be bored or to read or go for walks etc. There were
lots of opportunities to see some nice deer, birds, abandoned
orchards, wild fruit trees etc
Meal times were interesting! We got most of our food from the local
shops, we tried to make it as much Polish produce as possible. There
were some delicious meals involving locally caught fish, roots and
fruits, greens. Not always easy to be the chef at this gathering: salt
free, no spices, no meat, no dairy etc, etc. All for ethical reasons,
always changing, always passionate. It was nice to bear witness to
people trying to live by their ideals even if one was not always in
agreement. It was a small commune for the four weeks and as we all ate
together for almost every meal food was prominent on the agenda of
How humanity is to feed itself in the coming decades is a major
concern not just for 'Green Anarchists'. People are scared not so much
of starvation but of the wrath of capitalistic food distribution it is
this I think that pre-empted these passionate and often lengthy
There were other discussion spaces on feminist health, the state of
the world, holding other gatherings, land ownership, firemaking and
other primitive skills. Just what you nighht expect to find at such an
event. What was the most powerful thing for me was the simply the
experience of living in such a beautiful place for such an extended
period. Many of us at the gathering were from urban environments and
the effect of being in a different space without the usual slave
pressures on us all was very nice. But not just relaxing, there was
the space and calmness to have a really introspective time. Added to
this was the positive attitude of making time to do 'work' on oneself.
There were workshops held on behavioural patterns in which the
individual was encouraged to examine any deeply held behavioural
traits, where they came from and what to do about them. This led to
participants making the 'v' for victim sign whenever such a pattern
was spotted – all in a supportive, empathetic way of course.
So to sum up the gathering went a ways to addressing what was
identified as being severely lacking in all our societies: the absence
of clan. Community building, where to find communities, how to start
one, where to locate, what is required. The gathering was ostensibly
about the rewilding project in the wilderness in French Guiana but it
took on a character of it's own very quickly: not many people were
interested in this. I think most people who attended would be far more
up for European based community.


Re: Green Anarchy Gathering In Poland July This Summer

By Anonymous

Do you know if there any Green Anarchy / Anarcho-Primitivism / Rewilding gatherings in europe planned for next year?

As a long term goal I want to establish an european equivalent of the North american Teaching Drum Outdoor school ( ).

Please contact me via e-mail at boris at davyd dot de