Anarchist Federation release Organise! issue 74

The Anarchist Federation of Great Britain have released issue 74 of their twice-yearly magazine Organise! Among the subjects tackled are casual work, origins of youth revolt in Greece and a critique of current radical approaches to unions and workplace organising.

The mission of Organise! is "to develop anarchist communist ideas. It aims to provide a clear anarchist viewpoint on contemporary issues and to initiate debate on ideas not normally covered in agitational papers." The latest issue includes a 2 page spread of art / photography beyond the usual riot porn subject matter.

Movement history is covered by a look back at how the AF covered the campaign against the Poll Tax. More widely, there's a feature on the English Revolution's Ranters, seeing them as more socially liberated than their Leveller contemporaries.

There are reviews of Yevgeny Zamyatin's novel We, which strongly influenced Orwell's 1984, AK Press's Italian Anarchism, a history of anarchism in New Zealand and some pamphlets.

Organise! is available from the Anarchist Federation, or from radical spaces such as the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, or Word Power Books.