RBS Offices Occupied in Glasgow

Around 20 supporters of the Citizens United group - encompassing pensioners, students, environmental campaigners and workers - held an occupation of an RBS office building in Glasgow earlier today.

The protesters arrived at 11.15am at RBS premises on the city's Cadogan Street, with media in tow, and stayed for around two hours. The group have previously held brief occupations of a number of banks around Glasgow city centre, in protest at public sector and welfare cuts and 2009's bail-out of the financial sector.

Today's protest placed particular emphasis on bank bonuses, which have dominated headlines recently, with bankers claiming that their 'period for remorse' is now over.

Citizens United say that this is just the beginning of a year of protest - bankers politicians and tax dodging corporations, be warned!

Media coverage

STV News: http://news.stv.tv/scotland/west-central/222047-protesters-enter-rbs-insurance-building-in-glasgow/

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