Dovesdale Incinerator Meeting in Kirkmuirhill

In protest against the building of a toxic waste Incinerator at Dovesdale I am urging people to make a united contribution to put a stop to the corrupt actions of South Lanarkshire Council. Take action by withdrawing from the hosehold waste segregation scheme and email your comments of intention to SLC.

This is the comment I left at
You can just copy my comments or write out or add to it as you wish. If everyone in Ashgill, Netherburn, Larkhall, Stonehouse, Kirkmuirhill, Blackwood and Hamilton sticks together, we can change a currupt system.

Due to the corrupt actions by South Lanarkshire Coucillors, by allowing a toxic waste incinerator to be built to the detriment of my health and my communities health, i am hearby withdrawing my services from the waste segregation scheme. I will now only be using the black bin.

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