Racist Dawn Raid Goons Suspended

Hold the front page! Them as work in the Home Office dawn raid squad are racist, stupid and rude. Two of them have been suspended for posting online pictures of their Xmas night out which involved them harassing a waiter at a Chinese restaurant. Full text below so you don't have to visit the site. …. "TWO immigration enforcers who deport failed asylum seekers from Scotland have been suspended in a racism row. The pair, from a specialist enforcement centre in Glasgow, could face the sack. They are accused of publishing offensive material on social networking sites Facebook and Bebo, including jokes about making a raid on a Chinese restaurant. They are also accused of naming an asylum seeker whose case they were working on - and printing an offensive message under a picture from a drunken staff party. A probe into their conduct is to be carried out. The Home Office swat team pair belong to the unit nicknamed "The Childcatchers", whose tactics - particularly the use of dawn raids - have been subject to fierce criticism. It is believed that, because of the suspensions, not a single failed asylum-seeking family was ejected from Scotland during January. A Home Office insider said: "The allegations came up after a bunch of the enforcement guys were out for a meal around Christmas. "A lot of alcohol was drunk and they ended up in a restaurant, where photographs were taken. "These ended up being posted on Facebook and Bebo, using a work computer, which is against the rules. "What got them in big trouble was the nature of the content and the texts under the photographs. "Reference was made to the officers visiting the restaurant just before it was 'raided'. "There were jokes about how the officers could have a free meal before deporting a particular indiviual. "They put the man's name on the site to mock him." The source added: "When the postings came to light, management were furious and now the men's jobs are on the line." The men involved belong to the swat team, based at Brand Street immigration centre in Glasgow's Ibrox area. Critics have blasted the squad for their heavy-handedness to failed asylum seekers. In some cases, children have been deported to countries their parents had fled, despite the fact the kids were born in Scotland. Yesterday, a spokesman for the Border and Immigration Agency refused to comment on the suspensions. The spokesman also refused to confirm the enforcement unit had been crippled by the loss of the key workers."