Glasgow Mayday Carneval supported by Clown Army

Tis year's Glasgow Mayday Carneval was quite relaxed and fluffy for the majority of about hundred to two hundred participants, such as every year. Three soundsystems invited the demonstrators to dance and celebrate International Workers Day. The forthcomig G8 casted a shadow in form of stricter and more nervous policing, including never before seen use of 8 policehorses, and at least 3 police camera teams. Three people were unnecessarily arrested in the final minutes of the "street" party, which lasted from about 1pm till 4 pm, when entering the park and continued as a "park" party unter the cloudy grey and rainy West Coast sky.
From Indymedia UK: A Reclaim The Streets Party started off at 1pm, the Camcorder Guerillas screened their new G8 film "Why Close the G8" at 4pm, while the usual STUC Mayday Rally takes place at George Square at 11am. On Friday there was also a Critical Mass bike ride. Camcorder Guerillas: Scottish Trade Union Congress: STUC Glasgow Critical Mass Indymedia UK followed the events in Glasgow even with a timeline reporting: [13.30] Reclaim the Streets: A few hundred people have met up in Buchanan Street, where a Sound System started up. A second Sound System arrived, full of clowns, with banners saying "Cre8 not G8", "Make Poverty History" and "DIY Party People". All are now moving off on a route around the city with a good atmosphere, and little police presence apart from 4/5 fit teams photgraphing everyone. [14.45] The party protest has now moved to St. Vincent street, where there was an attempt to get a third sound system in, one van made it but not the rig. Still good natured and taking over the streets! [15.45] After a few scuffles at the entrance to the park, where the crowd negociated the someones release, the 3 Sounds Systems are now playing and the party continues. Three arrests during the day. Also see: Report and pictures: Glasgow Mayday 2002: Mayday 2003: Pocket of Resistance Glasgow MayDay 2004:



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I don't know of any national groups, but this website: is gathering and publishing info. You can email them on