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Update on CS Glasgow strikes

An update on the recently featured story, via CityStrolls.

Culture and Sport Glasgow workers from unions Unison, Unite, BECTU and GMB will be striking on Friday 28 May and Monday 31 May.  This is a continuation of the fight from the strikes on the April 30 and May 6.

Unity Calls for Moratorium on ALL Child Detention

Please support this campaign by sending emails and faxes to the new Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP Secretary of State for the Home Office

UNITY calls for an immediate moratorium on the detention of all children by the UK Border Agency and not just the end of detention of children in Scotland.

Sir Ian Wood and the message Aberdeen can't refuse

Aberdeen councillors have backed plans for the demolition of the city's Union Terrace Gardens and its replacement with a car park / shopping precinct. The scheme has been effectively bought by oil plutocrats, principally Sir Ian Wood who has thrown in 50 million. "During the meeting, Provost Peter Stephen read an extract from a letter submitted by Malcolm Webb, the chief executive of industry body Oil and Gas UK. Mr Webb said that if the council voted against the civic square proposal "it risks sending out the message that Aberdeen is not open to improvement and change and lacks vision for the future.""

No horses were beheaded prior to the council meeting.

Anarchist Federation release Organise! issue 74

The Anarchist Federation of Great Britain have released issue 74 of their twice-yearly magazine Organise! Among the subjects tackled are casual work, origins of youth revolt in Greece and a critique of current radical approaches to unions and workplace organising.

Another nail in the coffin of the "right to strike"

BA today won a high court injunction which ruled unlawful the cumulative 20-day strike called by the Unite union, on the grounds that it had not followed to the letter of the law the 1992 Trade Union Act.

In a sign of how cynical the tactic of using technicalities to close down strikes has become, BA's objection rested on the union's obligation to announce “as soon as possible” the results of the ballot, in terms of the number of yes and no votes and spoilt ballots.

Single mother & child sent to Dungavel

A single mother and her 8 month old daughter have been detained in Glasgow - the first child to be detained in Scotland following promises by the new Lib-Con Immigration Minister Damien Green that the practice of detaining children will be stopped.
Sehar Shebaz from Pakistan was detained at 1.30 Monday afternoon after going to report at the Home Office with her 8 month old daughter little Wanya.
The family have been in the UK for over 3 years.

Glasgow Autonomy Update, 13th May

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Unite members begin 24 hour stoppage at Glasgow Herald and The Evening Times

Press release from Unite. News production said to be effected, will anyone notice the difference?

Athens: Employee condemns lack of fire protection at fatal bank

This is a statement from an employee of the Athens bank in which 3 workers died today. Translation provided by Occupied London blog, to be spread widely (Greek original).