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Aberdeen University Occupied in Protest Against Cuts

Following a protest march in Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon, 30-40 students have occupied part of the management building.

Anti-terror unit involved in propaganda effort over Gaza

SNP should stop supporting flawed counter-terrorism programme, says SACC

Glaswegians Gather to Remember Family Killed by Border Agency

A group of around 50 Glasgow citizens, from all parts of the globe, gathered at the Border Agency offices at Brand Street on Tuesday morning. They were there to remember the family who died at the Red Road flats on Sunday morning.

SWAN: Urgent action needed to maintain victory

The campaign against the tender process for care and support services has achieved a huge success as the tender will now be scrapped.

However, we stand to lose much of these gains if the Council's plans to set rates for Direct Payments and Service Level Agreements at £15.04 per hour are agreed at Thursday's Full Council meeting.

We need everyone to act now - if we lose the vote on Thursday it will mean a 17.5% cut for the services that were put out to tender. Once approved by full council there will be nowhere left to go (except costly legal challenges).
Please take some time this week to take action - we have won a vote at the full council meeting before - we can do it again but it needs pressure from all of us.
Please read on for what you can do;

Final protesters evicted from the Mainshill Solidarity Camp

The eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp has come to an end after five days of intense resistance. A total of 45 people have been arrested, making Mainshill the biggest protest site eviction in 11 years. The eviction is not an end, but merely a beginning - the struggle continues!

Section 44 Stop & Search Ruled Illegal

"Seven judges at the European court of human rights said that random stop and search powers under section 44 of the ­Terrorism Act were far too widely drawn and lacked adequate parliamentary and legal safeguards against abuse."

EDL Thug Arrested for Terrorism

This guy has tried to intimidate activists in Glasgow in the recent past:

 Hardcore neo-Nazi EDL forum moderator, Wigan Mike has been arrested on terror offences. Real name Michael Heaton of Leigh, National Front and British Freedom Fighters member "Wigan Mike" has helped organise many EDL and WDL demos, and was photographed amongst the crowd of Hitler saluters during the WDL's recent visit to Wales.

Bomb scare in Edinburgh?

Was there a bomb scare in Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon?

Edinburgh Muckraker Launches Website

Hit solidarity newsheet The Edinburgh Muckraker now has a website. Keep up to date with the manual workers' dispute and download the print edition to distribute.