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Norway, Scotland, and why I was wrong about the arc of insolvency

Last week Iain Macwhirter wrote an excellent article ‘Face reality: We could be as prosperous as Norway.’  It was a must read essay, not least because it was written by the journalist [...]

Taking Ideology to the Streets: Sex Work and How to Make Bad Things Worse

by Nine “If you drive it underground so no one can find it, it wouldn’t survive.”  Rhoda Grant, 2012 In many ways, Dana fits the profile. She’s a twentysomething woman with [...]

Local currencies: Thinking local, acting global

by Peter Geoghegan In September, Peter Main handed over a fresh new Bristol pound note to buy a loaf of bread in a bakery in the centre of Bristol. Main [...]

Radical Indy Conference 11: What are Socialist arguments for Independence?

by Neil Davidson One of the central problems facing socialists who support Scottish independence is that only a minority of working class people share our position. If we are to [...]

We don’t need to count on oil to balance the books

by Ian Bell The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) advises that a country cannot depend forever on a diminishing resource. This is insightful. The institute also counsels that if you [...]

A week is a long time in Gaza. Or, how the BBC covered 38 consecutive breaking news stories …

Analysis by Kevin Williamson The BBC’s reporting on the current conflict in Gaza has been subject to claim and counter-claim of bias from pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli camps.

Strategies for Independence

By Mike Small This Saturday a significant event is taking place in Glasgow. It’s the first coming together of a new coalition after the implosion of the last major configuration [...]

And the award for Scottish Political Poster Of The Year goes to…

The Scottish Labour Party have chosen to disengage from their own voters with regards to the possibilities that exist for Scotland: either within the Union or through Independence.

Reading between the lines of the Scottish Government’s statement on Israeli attacks on Gaza

by Robin McAlpine I have been waiting with interest to see how the SNP responded to the Israeli actions in Gaza. The reason for my interest is to see if [...]

Patrick Harvie calls for honest answers on Indy from Labour and SNP

by Patrick Harvie MSP The most important people in the debate about Scotland’s independence referendum are the ones who’ve not made up their minds yet. Some people are motivated by [...]