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Radical Indy Conference 10: Genuine self-determination means acting like republicans now

With just three days to the first Radical Independence Conference Allan Armstrong makes the case for a Scottish republic. Most people understand a republic to be a state without a monarch. [...]

The names and ages of 62 men, women and children killed by the Israeli military since last Wednesday

Monday , 1pm: a BBC report states that the death toll has now risen to 94 Palestinians and 3 Israelis. 1- Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old. 2-Mohammed Al-hams, 28 years old. [...]

Noam Chomsky, Gilad Sharon and 10 Things You Need To Know About Gaza

A recent statement by Professor Noam Chomsky indicates a different take on Israeli aggression than he has had in the past.  His statement has been misquoted over the weekend, so, for [...]

For A’ That – Episode 4 – Hypothetically

  Here’s the 4th episode of the For A’ That podcast where The Peat Worrier and myself (Michael Greenwell) are joined by Gary Dunion of, amongst other things, Bright Green Scotland.

A Sonnet For Gaza by Kevin Williamson

A SONNET FOR GAZA Shalom.  This is not a time for clandestine poets to hurl shoes over Jericho's fortified walls. Stay calm. The stench of exploding verse will not deter [...]

Radical Indy Conference 09: Refugees Welcome

by Margaret Woods I recently spent an extraordinary evening at the Citizen’s Theatre.  To  a packed audience the National Theatre of Scotland performed “Glasgow Girls – The Musical” – the [...]

Critical errors of judgement affecting the referendum

by Jim & Margaret Cuthbert This article puts forward an argument which may, in Nationalist circles, be a minority view. Namely, that gross errors of judgement have been made in [...]

Radical Indy Conference 08: Let’s plan for a Scottish Spring

by Jonathon Shafi, Conference Organiser In just a few weeks, two contrasting visions of a Scottish future have taken shape.  In Lamont’s new order, Scotland will observe a diplomatic silence [...]

Towards a Native Theatre? An Open Letter to Laurie Sansom, NTS Artistic Director Designate

An open letter to Laurie Sansom, the artistic director designate of the National Theatre of Scotland from Thom Cross You have taken up the challenge in difficult days I assure [...]

Art and politics don’t mix

Someone stuck the article below (from The Scotsman) on the noticeboard outside my office.  I wasn’t sure if it was specifically aimed at myself but I stopped to read it and there [...]