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The Edinburgh Independant Media Centre at one point could be found in basement below what was at the time the 'Edinburgh University Settlement' offices and the Forest cafe/art space, 3, Bristo Place

Indymedia Scotland maintained a website

Also a scotland subsection section can be found on the IMC UK website

To be kept informed of major Indymedia Scotland events and developments, people were invited to join the imc-scotland-information email list or if they wanted to get more involved and shape Indymedia Scotland they were strongly urge you to join the discussion list.

or if film side of Indymedia of interest then there was imc-scotland-film list. Please do join the lists and introduce yourself.

Indymedia Scotland site could have been found at which originally used the DadaIMC web solution but then upgraded to CMS based on Drupal.

There is a Indymedia Scotland sub section on IMC UK.

You can find out more about Indymedia Scotland by looking in archives of imc scotland discussion list.

Indymedia Scotland Mission Statement presented to global indymedia network in order to be recognised as part of it in March 2003.

Someone from Indymedia Scotland could be found one day a week in office of camcorder guerillas in GMAC in Glasgow.

For those that don't know Scotland has 5 Million people living in it and it is one of countries that makes up the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow are it's large cities. Other towns are Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Perth, Inverness.

IMC stands for Independent Media Centre, but there is not physical Centre for Indymedia in Scotland. The name was coined for a physical centre in Seattle in US durring protests against the WTO summit. A group that had come together to report for j18 Carnival against Capital (June 18th 1999) became IMCUK for MayDay2000. And IMC Scotland is part of network that grew out of this. IMC Scotland has people involved with it from various parts of Scotland and so postal mail can be sent to only some of those at any one address. Those involved in IMC are often involved in other projects.

Old texts relating to setting up on an Indymedia Scotland

An alternative approach to the first draft of the mission statement was mooted in an IMC disscussion paper and this was taken on board in discussions and in the revision. More debate since on publishing model of IMC

details of films

IMC Scotland collaborative docs (where much of sort of 'internal' stuff found here and on lists will be worked and and archived from now on)

How to become an indymedia editor

Internet Relay Chat

Global Indymedia

Faslane reporting briefings

Archive of first Scotland webpages and after shared with original IMCUK host on server called Stallman.

IMC Scotland was involved with the:

Camcorder Guerillas’ Weekend 

see report

old stuff